If you wish to obtain a U.K. visa, please complete the following steps and provide Royal Visa with all necessary documents

Valid passport plus expired passports if you have any.

1. Green card copy front and back.
It must be notarized (color copy) or 1-20, j-1, a valid U.S. visa, or Advance parole. If you are sending a 1-20 it must have been endorsed recently.

2. Application completed and paid for online at www.visa4uk.fco.gov.uk and paid for online. Royal Visa will require a printed copy of the application. After you have filled online application a window will open to make an appointment for biometrics at the nearest location. Print the sheet and get your fingerprints done at the suggested location.

3. Biometrics stamped sheet.

4. Letter of employment if you are going for vacation. If you are going to attend business meetings please have a letter from your company in the U.S., full details of the meeting schedule and explanation that all costs incurred by the applicant will be paid for by the company. In this case, you don’t need to send your bank statements. The letter must be written on a company letterhead.

5. Letter of invitation from the host in the U.K. with the same details.

6. Copies of last three (3) payment statements.

7. Last three (3) months bank statements. If it is a downloaded then must be stamped by the bank (a rubber stamp is acceptable).

8. Travel itinerary. Please do not purchase ticket. Just make a booking/reservation.

9. One passport size photo with white background. Photograph quality requirements

10. If you are going on vacation and will be visiting friends or family in U.K. they must email or fax you a copy of their U.K. passport or their valid visa and a letter of invitation. The letter must explain the relationship and that they will provide accommodation and food. The letter must be signed.

11. If you are going on vacation and you own property please provide a copy of your last mortgage statement.

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