Child Passports

Complete the following steps and provide Royal Visa with all necessary documents:

1. Fill out the DS-11 Application form online.
Do not sign this application form until you are instructed to during authorization.
When you are done, click the link that says create form.
Once printed, there should be two bar codes on the page one.
Please print the application and make an extra copy. Do not sign the application; this will be done at the post office in the presence of the officer/offical.

2. Parental authority: (Important, If the child is under the age of 16).
Both parents must sign the application for passport.
If only one parent can be present, you must have a signed and notarized Parental Consent Letter from the non-present parent. If sending in a Parental Consent Letter, the non-present parent must submit a clear copy of their driver’s license.
If only one parent can be present, that parent must provide evidence that they have sole custody in order to apply for the child.

3. Evidence of citizenship, at least one of the following must be provided.
Previous U.S. passport (if it’s more than fifteen years old).

Birth certificate.
Certificate of citizenship or FS-240, DS-1350.
Certificate of naturalization.

4. Evidence of credentials from both parents.
Valid driving license with photograph, issued more than six months ago.

If you do not have a driver’s license or a driver’s license that meets the requirements, then you must provide personal documents.

5. Evidence of urgent tour, provide two (2) copies of one of the following.
Facsimile of round trip travel document indicating travel to an overseas country.

Traveling schedule stating reserved or confirmed.
Business travelers could also submit a Business Letter of Expedite, if the above is not available.

6. Passport photographs, taken by a professional.
Provide two (2) passport size photographs (2″x 2″) in color, front view and with a plain or light color background taken by a professional.

7. Authorization letter, allow us to take steps as your agent.
Print and complete two (2) copies of Authorization Letter (Download Here). Note: Please leave the Courier Company Name section BLANK.

Authorization processing

Bring all the required documents before appearing in front of an Acceptance Agent. This is what you will need:

1. Signed DS-11 application form.
2. Parental consent letter.
3. Evidence of citizenship.
4. Evidence of individuality.
5. Evidence of urgent tour.
6. Authorization letter.
7. Passport photographs.

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