Saudi Work Visa

Saudi Arabian Work Visa Requirements

1: One completed and signed Application and Declaration in blue/black ink.
2: Original Passport with at least six (6) months of remaining validity and two (2) adjacent blank pages. (If your passport does not meet the requirements, please contact us for a passport renewal).
3: Five (5) recent passport photos, 2″x 2″, with white background.
4: Tafweed from the Saudi company. If a visa is addressed to New York or Washington DC please address it to Royal Visa Corp , or the candidate name.
5: Invitation letter and the contract from a Saudi host company approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Chamber of Commerce and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
6: Three (3) original signed copies of the medical report, which must be signed by his/her doctor. The report must be completed in its entirety and signed by a doctor, and the doctor must affix his/her office seal on the report.
7: Original lab results, 3 copies and MUST include: HIV and Hepatitis B and C results, Western Blot test results for HIV/AIDS, test results for PCR-RNA, and all other requested in the medical report
8: Police report issued in the last 90 days. Please note the police report must have an original signature and a stamp from the police department.
9: FBI police report , i will send the link for it and please choose option online not by mail This is the website: CLICK HERE

Diploma Requirment

1: Contact your school for the following requirements to be sent to my new office address in DC .
Updated official transcript in a sealed envelope for all your diploma or any transfer credit (KEEP it SEALED)
Degree Verification letter from your registrar office in a sealed envelope
distance learning form from your college and any other transfer credit in a sealed envelope (attached )
Please let me know if you have transfer credit .
2. From the candidate(s) individually:
Applicant contact information that includes an address, email and phone number
Copy of the employment contract or offer.
Copy of passport.
Please email me a clear color copy of your diploma (MUST BE A CLEAR COPY or SACM will reject it }
Signed authorization letter from the applicant allowing the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission to obtain information about his/her academic record. { attached }
Verification from the National Student Clearing House. Receive this verification by visiting and providing the degree information. If this information is verified, print out a copy using the \”transaction ID number.\”